Stuff I will post here.

Here’s another quick intro about stuff I post on my blog. Intros, and intros, and intros…OK, I’m getting kinda boring here, and you get the idea. But posting intros on a blog isn’t what blogs are for right?

So I post about stuff I read, or I basically review it. Well duh, I won’t type up chapters from the book will I? Buy it, you! I’ll probably also post pictures of plants and other stuff I bought that I really like….so chill…. I will also do a debate with myself… I know, it seems dumb, but I’m like the best debater in class, but all my other classmates aren’t actually as good either. I bet if my friends knew who I was, I’m the “Cursed of the Week”. Well anyway… I also post stuff that any normal person will write on their diary. I hate lots of things, so I will probably state what I hate, then state reasons. I HATE BEING WORDY! Well I wasn’t though, but still, just a statement.

So bye for now I think….


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