People and brats: Who’s better and who’s not as good??

Sporty and Nerdy; Which will you- yes you- choose?

Hi guys! It’s me! AGAIN. Well you’ll only see me here, except for when I blog on Spam Mail, in which -DRUM ROLL PLEASE- I am proudly the creator of that blog! I asked all those AWESOME people to write too! Well, back on topic. Today, I am here to discuss with myself the advantages and disadvantages of being a nerd. That’s right! I’m defending myself! Well, you can listen if you want, I can’t force you!

On being popular:

See, being nerdy doesn’t always promise zero popularity. I mean, I’m a popular nerd… at least I’m the only nerd in my school and I’m already more popular than all my other Greek-myth-nerds and procrastination-nerds friends… sorry to say… but all of the flow comes to me, maybe because they need me to help them at math time? Not that I have an idea! While being sporty always lands you on the medium-class popularity.

On School Marks:

Sporty people, not saying that they can’t be sporty and smart at the same time, but they most likely spend more time on their sports games. At my school, sporty people almost always participates in some kind of after-school activity. Being a nerd, they actually like what they study, so the information comes to their minds easier.

Get a glimpse into my brain:

Whenever I do math, the first thing I do is read the question again, mark down the important parts in word questions in my brain. Then, I read the question AGAIN for words like “about”, “total”, “difference”, etc. That helps a lot! Also when the teacher talks about stuff called “formulas”, you HAVE to listen. It’s stupid of you if you don’t pay attention to that, formulas usually work for all kinds of questions in the same kind of math you are doing. I hope you got that sentence. Anyway, once you learn the formulas, they’ll be just where you need it, in your brain!

Now that you know my main points of views, DON’T JUDGE, or I’ll ask my friends at “Spam Mail” to send Spam Mail to your email! AND I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!


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