What to do when things happen to your computer.

What to do… or what do I do

Hi people. I am lazily writing this on my phone. It doesn’t talk anything about teaching you how to fix your computer, it tells you about the stuff you can do while you’re waiting for the computer guy/local computer geek friend to come and fix it for you. My computer broke down :(. Such a pity, isn’t it? ANYWAYS. I am here to talk on the topic of “What to do when some kind of sudden stuff goes wrong on your computer but you can’t do anything about it”. Long tittle! ANYWAY. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT MY COMPUTER. “Well that’s sad…”. YEA. ULTRA SAD! Well right now I AM doing something called blogging. Here’s a list of things that I do when this happens! (I was writing on my phone, I think that’s the reason why that text was shrunk…anyway….)


  1. Blog. Well duh. What am I doing now? It’s kind of hard, but you can give it a try! Just make sure you spell-check constantly! Well, if you don’t have a blog, pity… but you can always read number 2!
  2. You can… read my blog! I know this is stupid, but true. Just use your iPad or iPhone or something. I personally don’t own an iPhone or iPad, but all smartphones work the same, right? For more phone related stuff, read the next number!
  3. Who says you can only read blogs on your electronics? Nope, I DID NOT SAY THAT, SORRY. You can always find something new on your phone. New songs and DIY videos on YouTube, great ( but sometimes inappropriate for kids under 12) memes at MemeCenter… lot’s of things can be accessed with internet! You can also buy e-books to read! Stuff about reading in the next number.
  4. Reading! My totalute favorite thing. Each book takes you to a different world! YOU CANNOT NOT AGREE WITH ME! (Bad sentence with bad grammar but still) More about writing in the next number!!
  5. WRITE A BOOK! Well, everyone can, even if you’re book only has- like- THREE WORDS! Anyway, NaNoWriMo is great too! But the official NaNoWriMo month is November, so I’ll be posting stuff about that, but most likely I’m going to be busy on writing my novel! More about writing on Number One! 😛 (I’m going in a cycle, deal with it if you can, you’re not the one writing this awesome stuff anyway.)

Right! Time to wrap up! I mean, like, this is the wrap up sentence, that was really idiotic, right?


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