Awesomeness on Tuesday!

(Note, I just decided I’m never gonna write another in-post title, sorry for the inconvenience of you not being able to find two blog titles.) (Also note, I’m lazy today so I’m not gonna use a big variety of word choice.)

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you all about the awesome Tuesday I had this week you will never have one as awesome as mine. Anywayz (Yes, I really like using and over-using the word “Anyways”, sounds really Tori-like.), the day was awesome, how awesome, exactly huh? I mean, arcade-clubhouse-bowling-secret-narnian-like-closets-nostalgic-baby-ride-able-toycars-pizza-eating-brownies-chocolate-chip-cookies-awesome. I mean seriously. Let’s skip all the parts where I had to wait for the mini-van in the SCORCHING heat and wait for the MTR, only to ride it for about an hour. But duh, it’s worth it! 😀

Well when I got off the MTR, there were like a million flights of stairs to walk up and down- which made me really thankful that those stairs were those electronic ones where you just stand on it and it goes up for you, I momentarily forgot what it’s called… Escalators? Yes, escalators. The whole thing was so deep it seemed like we were going through a full underground-fortress to reach ground. Like, ground floor ground. Anyways, after that my mom left me with my friends (Miracle, it almost never happens.), and we went to the clubhouse blah blah blah… the walk was NOT interesting. OK! We had lots 15 step races and I lost everyone of them. Happy now?

Then we had a procrastination period, it’s just a time when we just sit around and run around for no apparent reason. It’s awesome.  Really. (I’m skipping all the boring parts.) Then we had the best pizza I’ve had in two years. It’s that good when you’re starving. Anyway, right after that, we went bowling. The bowling part was genuinely boring, since my lane kept having problems. *Insert loud “DAAAARRRRGGGGGH”* But the part with me Youtube-bing on my friends phone and both fangirl-ing over Alligator Sky is EPIC! It’s like the only song that we both like with a rap… not that I like any of those rap song (but this, obviously).  

Then, we went to my cousin’s and got more pizza. That’s when we took a photo:

My cousin's cat.

My cousin’s cat.

That cat’s name is called BorBor. (The name is originally in Cantonese, but if I just translate it directly, either by pronunciation OR actual meaning, it sounds ULTRA wrong, as in, you-don’t-really-know-what.) BorBor is so CUTE! Right? Too bad she’s been hating me since forever. That was and is not about to change.


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