Bassoons; the epic-est reed instrument ever. (In my opinion, duh, you think I’m stupid?)

I have absolutely nothing to write about.

But see that title?, you guys will probably say. Yea, I know I wrote a title. Yea, I know I’m supposed to write about that so I guess I am.

OK, here’s my writing.

So, I suppose you think bassoons are BORING. OK, fine, maybe they are. But I don’t think they are! (OK, maybe I DO, but I think everything is boring anyways (Except books.) (But not history books.).) It’s a weird-looking instrument. (Period.) With four different parts for the section which I inwardly call the “Body”. The “Body” meaning the parts that make different sounds, with all the valve and buttons (Like, the instrument buttons.). Then, we have the mouthpiece (It’s actually called the mouthpiece, not just me inwardly calling it a mouthpiece.) and the thingy-connecting-from-the-mouthpiece-to-the-body (Or, TCFTM for short, and yes, I inwardly call it a TCFTM.). The TCFTM for the bassoon looks like the long part of the question mark, with a cork to connect to the Body, the other end, the “Dot” end of the question mark is the place we put the mouthpiece, it’s just a piece of tube slightly smaller than a bassoon reed’s connecting end. (The bassoon reed (I really AM trying to stop doing what I am doing. I know it’s annoying.) is a double reed!)

Enough about the parts of the bassoon, now it’s about the pitch of the instrument! Do you know? The longer the instrument, the lower the pitch. And the bassoon is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia-ly long. It’s about as tall as me. But, I’m not all that tall. (I’m one of the shortest in class, so HOLDING the bassoon was  a challenge.) It sounds like a male baritone voice, according to Wikipedia. It’s an epic double reed instrument. (Now imagine how heavy that stick of wood is. Really. Imagine.)

A bassoon, if you haven’t noticed.



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