DIY stuff I can’t do because there are practically no DIY shops in Hong Kong, and that sucks.

I didn’t post earlier today. I’m not really sorry. It’s my blog anyways. (Yes, I’m just that much of a jerk, JOLLY EDUCATED RICH KID! Like my friend, Asher/PM/Pie Man/Pie Maker/Pi Man/Fynn/Finn/Ashley/Happiness Weed/Finny/Fynny/Pi-flavored Pie Maker says.) Like my title suggests, this blog post is about me, whining about having no DIY related stuff for sale in Hong Kong, which means I can’t do LOTS of awesome stuff I see on the internet. So this post is just basically about the cuteness of everything and the awesomeness of sparkly, golden magnets. (But not sparkly vampires, just a fact, I’m not much of a Twilight fan. HP FOREVER!) OK, back to the main point, not a lot of people knew that I liked to surf BuzzFeed. Sometimes I do… there are just a few surprises on there sometimes, like photos I can’t really find anywhere else. Enough about the praise I really don’t want to write about BuzzFeed, I found some really awesome DIYs! They all look SUPER cute and UBER girly! Which is what I am, a girl.

Here’s the links!

  1. MAKE | How-To: Tiny Treat Stand – Cute teeeeenii tiiiiinnnyyyy stands. Good to put in tiny rooms with only a tiny amount of space available. I’d put it in locker for maybe some pens and teeni tiny uber cute erasers that looks like pastries!
  2. Tiny Pastry Erasers (A Tutorial) | Lil Blue Boo – Another teeeeenii tiiiinnnyyy pastry related creation!
  3. Kitiya Palaskas: CRAFT CLUB: MINI BUNTING – Cute and tiny. Did you notice that tiny almost always comes with cute?
  4. DIY Penant Flag | – Something exactly the same as the bunting, but this one teaches you to glue the flags on instead of sewing it.
  5. Make IT / 22 | D E S I G N L O V E F E S T – Golden Glitter Magnets! What can be better….
  6. Made with love by Agus Y.: DIY: Mini easel / Como hacer mini atril – A mini easel…. ADORABLE.
  7. Art from Everyday Objects: Matchsticks | – Matchstick arrows for your typical everyday-mini artery activities.

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