I decided to do the Daily Prompt

So. Once upon a time I decided to do the Daily Prompt on The Daily Post at WordPress.com. This time, it’s the origin story… oooogh…….(pronouced oeewwwww, or oooooo like the “o” in “who”. I just lost all sense of words, I don’t think you even understand what that meant.) Interesting. Now allow me to tell you the DRAB and BORING story of the origin of my blog!:

One day. I was BORED.

I was BORED out of my MIND.

I was SO bored, I couldn’t even write. Or, I just had “Writer’s Block: #2”.

I read a blog. Like, the most GIGANTIC and AWESOME blog/webmag (did I just make up that word?) ever. Rookie. (I haven’t picked up “What I Wore” OR “Photography Blogger” (Or even “PostSecret” but we don’t exactly read it.) yet, OK?)

I still read it. (O-K. Quit writing like that.)

Then I said to myself, “Why don’t I start a blog, since I’m so bored and all.”.

My first blog was on Blogger, it was so boring nobody read it, and so, like a normal person, I’d go to another platform. Then I came to the world of WordPress, started this thing and basically blogged here until now. I have a few followers and I’m quite happy about it. True, I’m not the most popular blogger in the world (mostly because I blog about most nothing.), but I do get a few readers, and a few are enough….for now.



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