Recent Addictions.

A very simple blurb:

Awesome stuff I’m getting addicted to.

Bravest Warriors: Created by Pendleton Ward.

I wouldn’t exactly say “new”, but I didn’t start fangirling whenever a new episode comes out a year ago. I am SO excited for this fall! Gosh. A summer with Bravest Warriors is WAAAAAY more interesting and WAAAAAY less boring than your regular un-fab-dorky-kid’s summer. Like I never say, who needs ANYTHING but air and water and food (because you need those to be able to live/not be sent to mental or normal hospitals depending on how insane you are.) when you have Bravest Warriors??

Bee and Puppycat: Created by Natasha Allergri.

Even though only Part 1 is out now (Part 2 coming August 7.), I am falling IN LOVE with Bee and Puppycat.Even though not a lot happens in Part 1, it is so awesome, it’s just waaaaay awesomer than normal awesome. I’m usually not TOO keen on judging the amount of awesome in things, you CAN trust me on this. Ya. Trust me this time. PWETTY PWEASE? (Pretty Please. I hope you didn’t need to look into this.)

IISuperwomanII: Lily (I have no idea what her last name is, I am still new, deal with it.)(Youtuber)

I’m not really sure if any of you people who get bored easily would like her videos. I mean, they are hilarious (from my point of view) and her videos are totally fabulous (from my point of view).  If you get bored REALLY easily, don’t check her out, since all she does is stand there and say hilarious things, do hilarious stuff, and basically everything is hilarious. She makes new videos every Monday and Thursday… and then I forgot what I was gonna say so JUST GO AHEAD AND GIVE HER A TRY. 

The Pulp Zine: A group of awesome people, I can’t list them ‘cuz there’s a big list. (Webmag, awesome, everything, not food, so don’t eat it.)

THE PULP ZINE! It has a lot of awesome stuff like Rookie, but just a little less wordy, or a little less popular. I had no idea it existed until two days ago. It’s totally awesome, full of simply amazing photos and other stuff because I cannot tell you in a short blurb a very detailed sentence about each of the features. But I guarantee you, it’s at least 85% awesome, since I don’t know what you think, so there. 

“So Relatable” Tumblr archives:

I am SO obsessed with looking through the WHOLE archive of the Tumbleblog of “So Relatable”, which you all probably know if you’ve been on Facebook or any other social media where people constantly post random photos of really random things (Instagram? I don’t have one yet so I don’t know.). There are currently 1758 pages of So-Relatables, and I’m on 1448 and going down… (‘Cuz I’m stupid and I ain’t gonna use the “Next Page” at the bottom.)

Rookie and TPZ archives:

I’m getting obsessed with reading things from the start. This is gonna be short, since I have no idea how I’m actually gonna write more. 

Chocolate Milk:

*gulp*gulp*gulp*gulp* …Whaaa?


They’re just so PRETTY. I’m constantly looking and staring at the dreamcatcher I have and thinking, “Would it look good on a Polaroid like this?”.


PS: Sorry I haven’t posted yesterday, I spent my day sleeping and procrastinating …the whole day. If you’d excuse me, I’m going back to sleep. 


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