Soooo sorryyyyy I didn’t post! I mean, schools coming and I have to sleep the summer off of me, and I have nothing to write about since I’m not thinking about anything in particular. I need to think intelligent thoughts to write an interesting and intelligent post! GOSH, AND YOU THINK WRITING INTELLIGENT POSTS WERE EASY. These are probably gonna pop up, like, way more than it should, since I have school, which is filled with a lot of people who say a lot of unintelligent things, and a lot of WORK to bring HOME, which takes me a hecka long time to do, because I do everything at my own pace, which is “SUPER DUPER DUPER MEGA SUPER SLOW”. It sucks, really, I don’t actually have an interesting life, but I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible by writing lots of fiction and pretending that it happened. I will NEVER do that. Just so you all knew, I have millions of drafts that I’ve been working on but will never post, since i think it’s either stupid or I just don’t want to continue the thoughts. So, here’s a post, hope you like it, you don’t need to, I don’t spend my life trying to please people over the internet, I have a LIFE. Bye!



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