Gummy Bears.

If you don’t have a terrible obsession with gummy bears that you are actually SOOOOO ashamed of that you won’t tell anyone (your best friends doesn’t count), YOU ARE NOT HUMAN. (I understand if you are my mom, she doesn’t like anything that’s sweet. I. K. R.) THE FOLLOWING STORY MAY CONTAIN MILD EXTREME GUMMY BEAR VIOLENCE AND IF YOU ARE A COWARD DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING THAT INCLUDES RIPPING OFF GUMMY BEAR ARMS AND WORSE DO NOT CONTINUE PASS THE LINE: (It’s not that bad. I wanted to be very dramatic.)


So yesterday at lunch, Marcy (AKA Marceline AKA Sunny), Darcy and me were sitting together at lunch, not doing what we’re supposed to do (AKA not eating and talking VERY loudly), then Marcy brought out a pack of gummy bears! Yaaaay!! GUMMY BEAR FUN!! We split up the gummy bears we ate some (and Marcy’s lunch), and suddenly Darcy was all: I’m gonna dare myself to eat this gummy bear little by little. There was no stopping her. THEN she took a bear and stated taking it’s foot off. She slowly peeled off the lump and stretched it out so slowly like she was torturing something (or someone), and when it finally ripped off, she rolled it around on her finger. She devoured every piece of gummy like that, smiling and making “Mmmmm…” sounds every bite (sometimes I seriously think she’s a psycho.) We all laughed and laughed and laughed (x 2 +1)!!!!

(I understand if you don’t find it hilarious, you had to be there. Sorry for making a post for it, and please, don’t send us to a mental rehab center…PLEASE!!)


Anyways, as you know, I totally LOVE those to gals (girls…OH I GIVE UP.), they are soooooooo awesome! You guys will NOT understand our weird awesome thing and I won’t understand your girl gang’s and your girl gang’s and your girl gangs and your girl gangs awesome weirdness either, so face it, we’re never gonna understand each other. Also, I learned something today: I’m not good at writing about stuff that happened in my life.

Updates in my life:

  1. I am not in the same class as Marcy and Darcy.
  2. I got a new locker.
  3. I’m gonna have to get stuff from my locker in the morning and go through the whole day with the stuff I got. I also have to LIVE WITH THAT!!



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