I’m feeling really lazy

Preview: The following paragraph is a collection of random musings, you can skip this one if you want to.

“I’m feeling really lazy”? When am I not anyways? BLAH. TYPHOON 8! I can’t believe it! Why is it not gonna be typhoon 8 later so I won’t need to go to school tomorrow?! I don’t want to do my math test! BLERGH. I’m using my shower towel as a scarf. I feel pretty stupid here…SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM IDIOCY. I swear I am that cold. SHOOT I need to do a blog post for my school blog! (I’m never gonna tell you guys my other other other blog’s address.) UGH. I NEED TO ORGANIZE MY LIFE! HEEEEELLP MEEEE!

By the way, I’ve been looking around on Etsy, and I found a few awesome shops (Thanks to The MindHut for their Etsy slides!) which I enjoyed looking through because of its awesome geeky awesomenesses. I’d like to share one or two Etsy stores with you guys once in a while (AKA when I have nothing to talk about.)

  • Black Milk Clothing: I KNOW. I KNOW. I know… IT’S NOT AN ETSY SHOP, I KNOW. But the sky ain’t gonna fall on you, okay? Yea? BUT THE TIGHTS ARE SO AWESOME! Do you understand that the House Leggings, especially THESE! CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT IT’S AWESOMENESS SHINES THROUGH? I’d almost die for these too! (AW YEA PUFF HOUSE PRIDE!) This collection (or mostly this) is almost to dieeee for! Well, once I grow up anyways. *Starts spilling coins from piggy bank and counting*
  • Rhea’s Renditions: You see, she has a jumble of steampunk-y vintage-y book-y stuff! AWESOME! Let me repeat that in case you didn’t get it. AWESOME. She makes a LOT of jewelry, not the normal pretty-princess-diamonds ones you see. Thank GOODNESS there is Rhea’s Renditions and Etsy! (OH SNAP! I made a rhyme!) She has so much awesomeness to sell! I mean, I didn’t look through the whole shop (only the first 2 pages because I’m running outta time), but it’s RAD!


That’s it for today! I need to catch up on emails!


By the way, did you read that I have time managing problems when I’m on the internet? (Well which person doesn’t) If you have tips for me which doesn’t include sticking post-it notes along my computer, or something laughable and original, make a blog post and link back to this post so I can publish your ping-back/trackback (I honestly don’t know the difference between the two) HERE! You can comment too! Whichever way you feel comfortable with. BYE!


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