Yay! GREGOR THE OVERLANDER!! Oh My GOODNESS!! Blah, blah!! Rant, rant, rant…

Note: I actually feel slightly stupid writing this on Goodreads. I mean, it’s GOODREADS for goodness sake. It’s not my blog where I can be GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEVERENDINGOOOOOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFY whenever I want to be. And I was being goofy. Forgive me, it’s my first review of something/anything.

*Screams* *Literally Screams* 

I don’t understand how you write something that could give you the chills yet makes you go on and on reading it. I guess it’s magic. 

Okay…maybe it was just cold last night.

But the story was so…good. I don’t know how to even say what I want to say (SEE? I’m typing gibberish!) about it.


So in the story, Gregor falls into the Underland and are rescued by huge cockroaches. Then he is brought to the stadium where he meets Luxa and Vikus. Shortly, he tries to escape through the Waterway and was caught by two rats, Shed and Fangor. Since the Underlanders saved Gregor and Boots by killing the two rats, thus stirring up trouble between the giant rats and Underlanders. Then Gregor leans about the Prophecy of Gray, and they set out to fulfill the prophecy!

~~Spoiler End~~

I failed miserably at my original plan to write a spoiler-free review. This is more like a summary. Pfft. By the way, just so there will be some suspense when you read the second half of the book. Trust me, this book is all sorts of awesome! Well, for me, since apparently, I don’t live under your bed or inside of your thoughts, I don’t know if you think you’re too old for children books, I hope Gregor the Overlander proves yourself completely, utterly wrong. 

Now, to make this “review” seem more like a review, here are a few things I liked.
1. The stuff that happened didn’t seem forced: Right, the dialogue seems so formal, but it’s not the type of formal that’s unnatural. They’re supposed to talk like that!
2. The lines from the prophecies are actually decipher-able, but it still sounds mysterious. 
3. The writing gives me the chills but makes me want to just go on and on reading. Usually when a book does give me the chills, I shove it to the bottom of the stack and read it after I’ve read everything else.
4. Plot-twists. If you count Treflex (who died on the spot) and Gox and Ripred as plot-twists… (Sorry, mixing up of vocabulary always happens after some mind-numbing homework on Democracy.)(Oh, yes! One thing I don’t wanna spoil is definitely a plot-twist!)
5. The cockroaches. I love Tremp and Trip. Even though I absolutely refuse to imagine them in my head, they are so adorable (Yes, I deny reality by imagining them as Rainbow-colored-dots-wearing-hair-bows-and-barrettes.)(How do you put barrettes on a rainbow-colored-dot?)(Sure not my problem.) 

Sorry for getting off-track. (It’s my first time doing a review and I just gave up trying to be serious.)

SO! Here is my extremely embarrassing review?


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