Almost 2014

Ahahahaha. What am I doing. I have an essay and a chapter test due next week. Why am I writing a post?! Oh right! Cuz I procrastinate all the time.

Actually, I’m writing this to say sorry to a lot of people for being so lazy and never posting. I SWEAR ON MY HONOR I WILL START TO WRITE MORE SINCE I GOT THE MOBILE APP. (Since I can finally write in privacy.)

Since that title thing on the top says ‘Almost 2014’ I’m just gonna write about my New Year Resolutions (Which I am, btw going to write a school edition and a reality edition. Just for laughs.) and things that’s changed me/around me/whatever that’s about me (You get the idea) during this year.

New Year Resolutions (School Edition)

1. Study harder for English, Math, Socials and Science.

2. Draw better pictures for my posters.

3. Participate more in class discussions.

(Okay. Now, imaging those words coming out of the mouth of a girl who gets good marks, does perfect posters, and is basically the class smartypants and most likely the one to win in a political debate. Okay, now stop imagining things.)

New Year Resolutions (Real Stuff From My Brain Edition)

1. Finish that darn essay

2. Study. A. Lot. Or fail that chapter test.

3. Start writing my new novel.

4. Buy a camera. Become a picture-taking-pro.

5.Get Allegiant & Mockingjay. Read Allegiant & Mockingjay within a day.

6. Become a cool person by buying those cheesy, hot pink, heart-shaped shades and sparklify it.

7. Buy fake jewels.

8. Buy pink leggings.

9. Make jeweled tights.

10. Get finished with this list so I can do number 1 and 2.

(As you can tell, this is more like a to-do list than a resolutions list.)

Stuff that happened this year

1. I became a feminist.

2. I got a Goodreads account (YES. It is life-changing, Okay??)

3. Recognized Jelly Kid’s awesomeness in a new episode.


5. I got 3 more best friends. So I promoted my original best friends to best-best friends. (I’m not a jerk. Some best friends are just bester than other best friends.)

*Note: if you did not get number 3 and 4, I’m just…gonna sit here and be very disapointed.

I really DO need to go (Do my homework). Bye bye


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