About this thing:

Here is where I whine. You don’t have to listen to me, but I insist that you do because I might make a point you’ve never thought of. I most usually do, I go on vast varieties, though it might not feel like I was telling the truth just now because I just started this thing.

I call it a thing. So whenever I say “this thing”, I mean this blog. I’m writing “this thing” on my blog posts mostly because I’m too lazy to write “blog” on my blog posts whenever I try to mention it. Or, the alternative is you can think I’m being funny. Maybe I am, but I WON’T ADMIT IT!

OK, I post about lots of stuff too, but mostly it’s either irrelevant or just stuff I wanted to write about. But unfortunately, this blog started during my summer holidays, so don’t expect much out of it!

So, I think you know where to go, the home button, or Here. Tricked ya! It’s here: Here!

Other than the lame stuff I post here, I put a LOT of buttons at the bottom (Still working on my collection), so please check that out, since I spent my whole day trying to figure out how to put the image.

NOTE: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (Hip-po-pot-o-mon-stro-ses-quiped-ali-o-phobia) is an actual word. It means “The Fear of Long Words”, quite ironic, huh. It’s my favorite word, because I was the only one at school that knew about this word, except my bratty guy-friend who thinks getting straight As is awesome (Maybe it is, since I get almost straight A’s (Note my sucking physical abilities, it screws every report card of mine.) AND I’m ultra awesome!). I told him about the word. But not exactly telling him out right.

Me: “Word of the Year: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. How do you spell it and what does it mean.”

Brat guy: “Holy S-WORD!!” (He didn’t say “S-word”, obviously, but the actual word, but for the good of your younger readers… if we have any, anyways.)

Me: “Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-O-M-O-N-S-T-R-O-S-E-S-Q-U-I-P-E-D-A-L-I-O-P-H-O-B-I-A. Definition: The fear of long words.”

I walked away like a boss.


Note note: Email me at spammailandsesquipedaliophobia(at)gmail(dot)com!


7 thoughts on “About

      • Ooh, I’m like a celebrity. xD What is it that you like about my blog? *will add more stuff that people like if she knows what it is* *talks in the third-person for some reason*

      • Well I like the photos, the GSA, (PS Can I join? I’ve been stalking the group for two hours already.), your ever so long link ups to TBC, and basically every single thing about the purple neville mascot. (Well, in a way you are a celebrity….)

  1. I dare say you’re funny, even when I know you won’t admit it. Just so you know…
    Anyway, I LOVE the lay-out of your blog. And that little thing at the left made me laugh 😉 (You see? You’re not the only one being a huge fan of ‘thing’ and stuff…:))

    • OK: First of all…. I LOVE YOU! RANDOM STRANGER WHO JUST MADE MY DAY! Second of all: You kind of have me wrong. I’m the kind of person with a weird kind of personality which makes a person do exactly the opposite of whatever someone assumes the person will do or not do. Which means, I admit that I’m funny, because I funny-test all of my content that’s supposed to be funny so that it will be funny. Third of all: Thanks! It’s a free theme on WordPress! Also, what’s the mysterious “little thing at the left”? I’d LOVE to know! Additional: I love your blog! Also: Sorry I like to divide up my stuff like this. At last: You’re a huge fan of ‘thing’ and ‘stuff’ too? Why, we’ll be best buds!

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