Almost 2014

Ahahahaha. What am I doing. I have an essay and a chapter test due next week. Why am I writing a post?! Oh right! Cuz I procrastinate all the time.

Actually, I’m writing this to say sorry to a lot of people for being so lazy and never posting. I SWEAR ON MY HONOR I WILL START TO WRITE MORE SINCE I GOT THE MOBILE APP. (Since I can finally write in privacy.)

Since that title thing on the top says ‘Almost 2014’ I’m just gonna write about my New Year Resolutions (Which I am, btw going to write a school edition and a reality edition. Just for laughs.) and things that’s changed me/around me/whatever that’s about me (You get the idea) during this year.

New Year Resolutions (School Edition)

1. Study harder for English, Math, Socials and Science.

2. Draw better pictures for my posters.

3. Participate more in class discussions.

(Okay. Now, imaging those words coming out of the mouth of a girl who gets good marks, does perfect posters, and is basically the class smartypants and most likely the one to win in a political debate. Okay, now stop imagining things.)

New Year Resolutions (Real Stuff From My Brain Edition)

1. Finish that darn essay

2. Study. A. Lot. Or fail that chapter test.

3. Start writing my new novel.

4. Buy a camera. Become a picture-taking-pro.

5.Get Allegiant & Mockingjay. Read Allegiant & Mockingjay within a day.

6. Become a cool person by buying those cheesy, hot pink, heart-shaped shades and sparklify it.

7. Buy fake jewels.

8. Buy pink leggings.

9. Make jeweled tights.

10. Get finished with this list so I can do number 1 and 2.

(As you can tell, this is more like a to-do list than a resolutions list.)

Stuff that happened this year

1. I became a feminist.

2. I got a Goodreads account (YES. It is life-changing, Okay??)

3. Recognized Jelly Kid’s awesomeness in a new episode.


5. I got 3 more best friends. So I promoted my original best friends to best-best friends. (I’m not a jerk. Some best friends are just bester than other best friends.)

*Note: if you did not get number 3 and 4, I’m just…gonna sit here and be very disapointed.

I really DO need to go (Do my homework). Bye bye


I’m feeling really lazy

Preview: The following paragraph is a collection of random musings, you can skip this one if you want to.

“I’m feeling really lazy”? When am I not anyways? BLAH. TYPHOON 8! I can’t believe it! Why is it not gonna be typhoon 8 later so I won’t need to go to school tomorrow?! I don’t want to do my math test! BLERGH. I’m using my shower towel as a scarf. I feel pretty stupid here…SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM IDIOCY. I swear I am that cold. SHOOT I need to do a blog post for my school blog! (I’m never gonna tell you guys my other other other blog’s address.) UGH. I NEED TO ORGANIZE MY LIFE! HEEEEELLP MEEEE!

By the way, I’ve been looking around on Etsy, and I found a few awesome shops (Thanks to The MindHut for their Etsy slides!) which I enjoyed looking through because of its awesome geeky awesomenesses. I’d like to share one or two Etsy stores with you guys once in a while (AKA when I have nothing to talk about.)

  • Black Milk Clothing: I KNOW. I KNOW. I know… IT’S NOT AN ETSY SHOP, I KNOW. But the sky ain’t gonna fall on you, okay? Yea? BUT THE TIGHTS ARE SO AWESOME! Do you understand that the House Leggings, especially THESE! CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT IT’S AWESOMENESS SHINES THROUGH? I’d almost die for these too! (AW YEA PUFF HOUSE PRIDE!) This collection (or mostly this) is almost to dieeee for! Well, once I grow up anyways. *Starts spilling coins from piggy bank and counting*
  • Rhea’s Renditions: You see, she has a jumble of steampunk-y vintage-y book-y stuff! AWESOME! Let me repeat that in case you didn’t get it. AWESOME. She makes a LOT of jewelry, not the normal pretty-princess-diamonds ones you see. Thank GOODNESS there is Rhea’s Renditions and Etsy! (OH SNAP! I made a rhyme!) She has so much awesomeness to sell! I mean, I didn’t look through the whole shop (only the first 2 pages because I’m running outta time), but it’s RAD!


That’s it for today! I need to catch up on emails!


By the way, did you read that I have time managing problems when I’m on the internet? (Well which person doesn’t) If you have tips for me which doesn’t include sticking post-it notes along my computer, or something laughable and original, make a blog post and link back to this post so I can publish your ping-back/trackback (I honestly don’t know the difference between the two) HERE! You can comment too! Whichever way you feel comfortable with. BYE!

PEP BAND! (and other stuff I am not excited about)

Pep Band

Pep Band (Photo credit: life is good (pete))

Well. Guess what? OK, fine, admit it, you guys are never gonna guess “what”. So I’m just gonna tell you! I’M FINALLY DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! (Kind of!) I JUST SIGNED UP FOR THE PEP BAND!!!!!!! (That many exclamation marks wasn’t exactly needed, but I’m not the most enthusiastic person about signing up for optional stuff either.) Well, the Pep Band like a band thing that plays music for da sports teams (arrogant people, I tell you.) when they’re playing their game. I don’t see how that will help actually, but I love playing the bassoon and Darcy’s joining as well (after a series of puppy eyes and PLEAZEEEEs, she didn’t really intend to sign up.)! She plays the clarinet. Typically in a typical band class she sits on the second row and I sit on the third row next to the former-alto-sax-player-and-now-plays-bari (baritone)-sax guy who I hates basically for being really talkative (and a terrible singer, who loves to sing at the most random times. Not to mention he sings “The Barbie Song” *you know who you are*) and the other guy on the other side is in da sports team. The teacher said that we’re gonna play stuff for the sports team, so I suspect we’re gonna be a more like a cheerleading-band which plays the more band-ish songs. Well, it’s a thing to look forward to, since we only have band on Day 6 now (Which means 1 day out of six dayzzzz!! NOT ENUFF.) and the rest of the music days (Day 2 and 4) are all General Music!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like playing the bassoon waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (it really deserves that many a’s) better than singing, mainly because I don’t like to sing in front of people. You may notice that I do not exactly excel at socializing with people, much less performing in front of people.

Owl City

Owl City (Photo credit: pamhule)

I’ve been randomly drowning myself with Owl City music (Not News) lately so I’m probably gonna bombard you guys with random Owl City song’s random lyrics randomly (NEWS! Definitely ) in parenthesis ( () <——— These thingies) in the following sentences AKA paragraph which will not be about the PEP BAND thing and more like about the stuff that’s new in school, therefore new to me (Symphony of silver tears, sing to me. and soothe the ring in my ears…Lonely Lullaby) – I TOLD YOU I WAS GONNA DO THAT. 1. Mandarin is getting harder, I mean, like, of COURSE Mandarin Class is gonna get harder when I go up a grade, but we have a mini-quiz for five words every DAY. We have a whole packet of (I’d like to make myself believe, that planet Earth, turrrrns sloooowllyyy…Fireflies) 1,200 words. ARGHHHHHH! AKA me screaming. 2. Math isn’t getting any harder. THAT WAS NOT EXPECTED. At least we’re still learning about  PLACE VALUE, which you really can’t expect it to get any harder during the primary years. I know because I had 5 years of EXPERIENCE! (I don’t know about Middle School.) But honestly, I never feel (Dear God I was terribly lost when the Galaxies crossed, and the sun went daaark, Dear GOD, you’re the only north star I will follow this faaaar… Galaxies) like the math is challenging. Meh. 3. Guided Reading books are boring. They’re not actually THAT bad, but I just felt like rereading Inkheart, but they give me a book about Benjamin Franklin. Now that’s a bad idea, isn’t it. We also need to TAKE TURNS (A grass blade flashed with a gleam as it slashed open a moonbeam, and I stared back breathlesslyStrawberry Avalanche) READING OUT LOUD! As far as I know I really HATE reading out loud, especially when I’m reading something I didn’t want to read in the first place (say… that Benjamin Franklin book was a good example of what I didn’t want to read at the moment). Well, seems like the teacher’s saying “DEAL WITH IT, TORI” again this time. *Sigh*  4. Flocab songs suck. First of all, rap songs aren’t my thing. Second of all, refer to Number One. I DON’T LIKE THEM, except Alligator Sky (Owl City song duh.). (So here’s a reference: Where was I when the rockets came to life, and carried you away, into the Alligator Sky…Alligator Sky) 5. I am running (We were alone on the road driving faster, So far from home we were chasing disaster… Dreams and Disasters) out of things to say.

Recent Achievements:

  • Read HP fanfics ’til I dropped.

Pottermore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Successfully logged into Pottermore with my account (StarSilver2018 add me if you want… I ALSO HAVE THE BEST NAME EVAAA!!) and made about 200 new points for my house, Hufflepuff.
  • Wrote a long post.
  • Continued a little bit into the GIGANTIC chapter introducing all the character’s new surroundings, man, I wrote a LOT.
  • Learned a big deal about the Atropa Belladona (Deadly Nightshade) and the Nightshade Family (Solanaceae). I had to reference it for that chapter.
  • Wrote a post and added suggested photos from the bottom bar. Oh well, I don’t care.

Gummy Bears.

If you don’t have a terrible obsession with gummy bears that you are actually SOOOOO ashamed of that you won’t tell anyone (your best friends doesn’t count), YOU ARE NOT HUMAN. (I understand if you are my mom, she doesn’t like anything that’s sweet. I. K. R.) THE FOLLOWING STORY MAY CONTAIN MILD EXTREME GUMMY BEAR VIOLENCE AND IF YOU ARE A COWARD DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING THAT INCLUDES RIPPING OFF GUMMY BEAR ARMS AND WORSE DO NOT CONTINUE PASS THE LINE: (It’s not that bad. I wanted to be very dramatic.)


So yesterday at lunch, Marcy (AKA Marceline AKA Sunny), Darcy and me were sitting together at lunch, not doing what we’re supposed to do (AKA not eating and talking VERY loudly), then Marcy brought out a pack of gummy bears! Yaaaay!! GUMMY BEAR FUN!! We split up the gummy bears we ate some (and Marcy’s lunch), and suddenly Darcy was all: I’m gonna dare myself to eat this gummy bear little by little. There was no stopping her. THEN she took a bear and stated taking it’s foot off. She slowly peeled off the lump and stretched it out so slowly like she was torturing something (or someone), and when it finally ripped off, she rolled it around on her finger. She devoured every piece of gummy like that, smiling and making “Mmmmm…” sounds every bite (sometimes I seriously think she’s a psycho.) We all laughed and laughed and laughed (x 2 +1)!!!!

(I understand if you don’t find it hilarious, you had to be there. Sorry for making a post for it, and please, don’t send us to a mental rehab center…PLEASE!!)


Anyways, as you know, I totally LOVE those to gals (girls…OH I GIVE UP.), they are soooooooo awesome! You guys will NOT understand our weird awesome thing and I won’t understand your girl gang’s and your girl gang’s and your girl gangs and your girl gangs awesome weirdness either, so face it, we’re never gonna understand each other. Also, I learned something today: I’m not good at writing about stuff that happened in my life.

Updates in my life:

  1. I am not in the same class as Marcy and Darcy.
  2. I got a new locker.
  3. I’m gonna have to get stuff from my locker in the morning and go through the whole day with the stuff I got. I also have to LIVE WITH THAT!!



Soooo sorryyyyy I didn’t post! I mean, schools coming and I have to sleep the summer off of me, and I have nothing to write about since I’m not thinking about anything in particular. I need to think intelligent thoughts to write an interesting and intelligent post! GOSH, AND YOU THINK WRITING INTELLIGENT POSTS WERE EASY. These are probably gonna pop up, like, way more than it should, since I have school, which is filled with a lot of people who say a lot of unintelligent things, and a lot of WORK to bring HOME, which takes me a hecka long time to do, because I do everything at my own pace, which is “SUPER DUPER DUPER MEGA SUPER SLOW”. It sucks, really, I don’t actually have an interesting life, but I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible by writing lots of fiction and pretending that it happened. I will NEVER do that. Just so you all knew, I have millions of drafts that I’ve been working on but will never post, since i think it’s either stupid or I just don’t want to continue the thoughts. So, here’s a post, hope you like it, you don’t need to, I don’t spend my life trying to please people over the internet, I have a LIFE. Bye!


Recent Addictions.

A very simple blurb:

Awesome stuff I’m getting addicted to.

Bravest Warriors: Created by Pendleton Ward.

I wouldn’t exactly say “new”, but I didn’t start fangirling whenever a new episode comes out a year ago. I am SO excited for this fall! Gosh. A summer with Bravest Warriors is WAAAAAY more interesting and WAAAAAY less boring than your regular un-fab-dorky-kid’s summer. Like I never say, who needs ANYTHING but air and water and food (because you need those to be able to live/not be sent to mental or normal hospitals depending on how insane you are.) when you have Bravest Warriors??

Bee and Puppycat: Created by Natasha Allergri.

Even though only Part 1 is out now (Part 2 coming August 7.), I am falling IN LOVE with Bee and Puppycat.Even though not a lot happens in Part 1, it is so awesome, it’s just waaaaay awesomer than normal awesome. I’m usually not TOO keen on judging the amount of awesome in things, you CAN trust me on this. Ya. Trust me this time. PWETTY PWEASE? (Pretty Please. I hope you didn’t need to look into this.)

IISuperwomanII: Lily (I have no idea what her last name is, I am still new, deal with it.)(Youtuber)

I’m not really sure if any of you people who get bored easily would like her videos. I mean, they are hilarious (from my point of view) and her videos are totally fabulous (from my point of view).  If you get bored REALLY easily, don’t check her out, since all she does is stand there and say hilarious things, do hilarious stuff, and basically everything is hilarious. She makes new videos every Monday and Thursday… and then I forgot what I was gonna say so JUST GO AHEAD AND GIVE HER A TRY. 

The Pulp Zine: A group of awesome people, I can’t list them ‘cuz there’s a big list. (Webmag, awesome, everything, not food, so don’t eat it.)

THE PULP ZINE! It has a lot of awesome stuff like Rookie, but just a little less wordy, or a little less popular. I had no idea it existed until two days ago. It’s totally awesome, full of simply amazing photos and other stuff because I cannot tell you in a short blurb a very detailed sentence about each of the features. But I guarantee you, it’s at least 85% awesome, since I don’t know what you think, so there. 

“So Relatable” Tumblr archives:

I am SO obsessed with looking through the WHOLE archive of the Tumbleblog of “So Relatable”, which you all probably know if you’ve been on Facebook or any other social media where people constantly post random photos of really random things (Instagram? I don’t have one yet so I don’t know.). There are currently 1758 pages of So-Relatables, and I’m on 1448 and going down… (‘Cuz I’m stupid and I ain’t gonna use the “Next Page” at the bottom.)

Rookie and TPZ archives:

I’m getting obsessed with reading things from the start. This is gonna be short, since I have no idea how I’m actually gonna write more. 

Chocolate Milk:

*gulp*gulp*gulp*gulp* …Whaaa?


They’re just so PRETTY. I’m constantly looking and staring at the dreamcatcher I have and thinking, “Would it look good on a Polaroid like this?”.


PS: Sorry I haven’t posted yesterday, I spent my day sleeping and procrastinating …the whole day. If you’d excuse me, I’m going back to sleep. 

It took me five days to write this post, it sucks but appreciate it anyways.

I’ve ignored the fact that I need to write this post, pasting my time by reading Rookie and trying our HTML. It hit me that I should’ve (It’s a word, right? Google keeps correcting it to “shoulder”. Show how much confidence I have in myself, SERIOUSLY, a Google word correction shatters my self-esteem as a writer/blogger.) written this blog post waaaaayy earlier in my life. (Not really possible…since I didn’t really even have a blog.) To tell the truth, I’d actually rather write my novel than do this post right now, not that I actually don’t want to write it, but I just don’t want to sound like a pathetic, attention-seeking freak because I’m posting miserable things to feel misery about, miserably on my miserable blog. (I am overusing “miserable”, but it is definitely NOT my favorite word, look at this blog’s TITLE if you want my favorite word.)

OK, I admit it, I’m just trying to extend the length of the section of the post where I just blab about everything that doesn’t matter.

OK, I’ll finally start (I’m doing it again, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. I SHOULD STOP BUT I’M DOING IT AGAIN, PEOPLE, HELP ME!):

I have a reason to FINALLY let myself be a pathetic and miserable (oh-no-said-it-again) person, and doing it on the judgmental World Wide Web, since I-actually-forgot-what-I-was-going-to-say-because-I-lost-my-train-of-thought. Anyways, I was gonna say that I have a friend who’s moving to America and probably never coming back, and if she does, it’s not going to be for long. (Since I’ve finally written that, I don’t think I’ll need to expand on the category of the human beings which I go to the same school with, which I did not mention as “schoolmates” or “friends*”, which obviously means I will write really bad things about them and turn into a female-dog.)(Not literally, but the word’s definition is “female-dog”. Get it?….Gooooood.)

As you can see I am trying to end this post as fast as possible, so I don’t make a mess out of this post like the last time I did it, the last-last time I did it, the last-last-last time I did it, and the last-last-last-last time I did it.

*Friends have a category called “I like these human beings a teeeeeni tineeee bit more that normal human beings.”. Those do not include my BFFs. But I just don’t call them BFFs anymore.

I’m going on VAY-CAY-SHUN again!

Hello people! I’m leaving… again, this time, I’m leaving for Spain/Portugal on the 14th! Coming back 24th anyways. I’ll make sure that I get around to posting the pictures here… even if I have to post 57 of them or something. I took 189 on the trip…. that would be double that number on my second trip… because, well, 10 is the double of 5. Japan was so GORGEOUS!

P.S.: Vay-cay-shun is the exaggerated way of saying “vacation” for me.


Going soon, Coming back!

Hi readers! I know the font is weird (or is it? I’m not sure….), that’s because I’m writing on phone! AGAIN!!!! That was necessary. I just locked myself in my mom’s room since there’s a weird guy outside fixing our air conditioner. I’m also here to break the news of me going on vacation to Japan on Friday! I’m super excited! You might see more posts later on during my vacation,that’s probably not going to happen. But once I back on PC I’ll write some extra posts to put up on the Blog during my absence! (I hope.)(Mostly gonna be very simple song playlists, but whatever.)


Bassoons; the epic-est reed instrument ever. (In my opinion, duh, you think I’m stupid?)

I have absolutely nothing to write about.

But see that title?, you guys will probably say. Yea, I know I wrote a title. Yea, I know I’m supposed to write about that so I guess I am.

OK, here’s my writing.

So, I suppose you think bassoons are BORING. OK, fine, maybe they are. But I don’t think they are! (OK, maybe I DO, but I think everything is boring anyways (Except books.) (But not history books.).) It’s a weird-looking instrument. (Period.) With four different parts for the section which I inwardly call the “Body”. The “Body” meaning the parts that make different sounds, with all the valve and buttons (Like, the instrument buttons.). Then, we have the mouthpiece (It’s actually called the mouthpiece, not just me inwardly calling it a mouthpiece.) and the thingy-connecting-from-the-mouthpiece-to-the-body (Or, TCFTM for short, and yes, I inwardly call it a TCFTM.). The TCFTM for the bassoon looks like the long part of the question mark, with a cork to connect to the Body, the other end, the “Dot” end of the question mark is the place we put the mouthpiece, it’s just a piece of tube slightly smaller than a bassoon reed’s connecting end. (The bassoon reed (I really AM trying to stop doing what I am doing. I know it’s annoying.) is a double reed!)

Enough about the parts of the bassoon, now it’s about the pitch of the instrument! Do you know? The longer the instrument, the lower the pitch. And the bassoon is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia-ly long. It’s about as tall as me. But, I’m not all that tall. (I’m one of the shortest in class, so HOLDING the bassoon was  a challenge.) It sounds like a male baritone voice, according to Wikipedia. It’s an epic double reed instrument. (Now imagine how heavy that stick of wood is. Really. Imagine.)

A bassoon, if you haven’t noticed.