I said I would if someone emailed me.

Guess what? I finally got my pics from my Book Talk project. To those of you who don’t know what a Book Talk is, it’s all about choosing a book to promote, using a Book Box (Shoe box decorated), a few items in your Book Box, and a speech to give to your classmates about the overall awesomeness of the book you are promoting.

My Box:



  • Kate’s Bucket

  • “LOSE the new code? Turn OVER for new code!”; SQ’s smartest moment:


It says “LOSE the new code? turn OVER for new code!”




It says “Attention all Executives: you canNOT leave notes like this. S.Q., this had better be gone by tonight. Stop trying to be clever. -Jackson” (Quoted from the book.)


  • Morse Code.

  • Blue Bookmarks for Mr. Curtain:


TeeHee. That’s all!


Sorry it got late, Katie, I had to deal with taking a LOT of pictures I don’t need OFF my Media Library and had a BAD time doing that. I love The Mysterious Benedict Society too! Long distance high-five ya’ll.


It took me five days to write this post, it sucks but appreciate it anyways.

I’ve ignored the fact that I need to write this post, pasting my time by reading Rookie and trying our HTML. It hit me that I should’ve (It’s a word, right? Google keeps correcting it to “shoulder”. Show how much confidence I have in myself, SERIOUSLY, a Google word correction shatters my self-esteem as a writer/blogger.) written this blog post waaaaayy earlier in my life. (Not really possible…since I didn’t really even have a blog.) To tell the truth, I’d actually rather write my novel than do this post right now, not that I actually don’t want to write it, but I just don’t want to sound like a pathetic, attention-seeking freak because I’m posting miserable things to feel misery about, miserably on my miserable blog. (I am overusing “miserable”, but it is definitely NOT my favorite word, look at this blog’s TITLE if you want my favorite word.)

OK, I admit it, I’m just trying to extend the length of the section of the post where I just blab about everything that doesn’t matter.

OK, I’ll finally start (I’m doing it again, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. I SHOULD STOP BUT I’M DOING IT AGAIN, PEOPLE, HELP ME!):

I have a reason to FINALLY let myself be a pathetic and miserable (oh-no-said-it-again) person, and doing it on the judgmental World Wide Web, since I-actually-forgot-what-I-was-going-to-say-because-I-lost-my-train-of-thought. Anyways, I was gonna say that I have a friend who’s moving to America and probably never coming back, and if she does, it’s not going to be for long. (Since I’ve finally written that, I don’t think I’ll need to expand on the category of the human beings which I go to the same school with, which I did not mention as “schoolmates” or “friends*”, which obviously means I will write really bad things about them and turn into a female-dog.)(Not literally, but the word’s definition is “female-dog”. Get it?….Gooooood.)

As you can see I am trying to end this post as fast as possible, so I don’t make a mess out of this post like the last time I did it, the last-last time I did it, the last-last-last time I did it, and the last-last-last-last time I did it.

*Friends have a category called “I like these human beings a teeeeeni tineeee bit more that normal human beings.”. Those do not include my BFFs. But I just don’t call them BFFs anymore.

Diaries and Why I Don’t Like Writing

Why I don’t like writing in a Diary and what my diary’s fate is now:

So here’s a big question. I just said I’m gonna write on this blog like a Diary. Now I am going to tell you why I don’t like writing in diaries, I hate it, not necessarily though, I like to exchange diaries with my friends. (And for that I buy a new notebook and quickly scribble down what has happened in the past few days. That’s how I fake my diary…) So now I will state some reasons I don’t like writing in my diary. Hope you can relate, but I bet your mom (If your just a student) WON’T hope you can relate!

Why, why, why why why and WHY?

  1. Number One: I’ve had such a GREAT day taking notes and doing worksheets in class and homework I am SO glad to write even more in my diary! NOT! Note my sarcasm! Who’d like to torture their writing hand? I’ts important!
  2. I simply like typing more, everyone does! Think about yourself! Do you prefer hand-writing a ten double-sided page document or type it out?
  3. Do I need more reasons? I can do more…since I’m not writing!