Dear Spammers:

I might actually have to FRIKIN CUSS in this post because I am SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED with my COMMENTS!

OK, I KNOW THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO SPAMMERS and I really don’t want the other people who do not spam and are readers of this blog to have to bear with me, but I really need to get this word out to all the people who go “copy and paste” random links on the comment section and just do that for ALL the places they can comment.

The rant:


Dear Spammers: I really really really really (really x infinity) hate you and your darn annoying link comments with all those numbers and symbols and everything. IT’S MAKING ME STRAIN MY DARNED EYES AT MY EFFING COMPUTER SCREEN. I AM SO EFFING TIRED AND SLEEPY.

Sometimes it’s about stuff that doesn’t even have any apparent connection to me… “Buy 1000 new readers for 10% less than the original price!” etc. (I know I’m a blogger, but I am a BROKE ONE)… Honestly, if I spent my money on STUPID things like those “readers” I’d have two million readers by the second day I’ve started this blog. Not that I won’t spend whatever amount of money they ask you to pay on better things like clothing and food and gum and grape soda and books.

To those of you who are selling me iPhone cases ANYWHERE, I don’t even use and iPhone. NOT everyone in the world uses iPhones, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note II. THAT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. (In size too.)

Sometimes I can’t believe the most faithful of the spammers are the ones who put in RANDOM comments with random symbols and numbers and letters, and CONTINUOUSLY do that OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I got 33 of those messages in 2 days!

Let me end the rant with: Spammers, either SHUT UP or GET OUT. If you SHUT UP, we will both be happy, and if you chose to GET OUT I’m not gonna miss you. It’s a win-win. Spammers, It’s a hard life for us. All I ever get is comments from that number gibberish you send me! Be a good man and leave me alone in peace. If I spend half of the time trying to decipher your comments studying for tests I will be a straight A student (Gym exception, and you know it.) by now. SORRY FOR THE EXTREME EXAGGERATION. BYE. *stomps away in frustration*


Book Peeves, my very own.

Another linkup! I love doing The Book Chewers Linkups! YAY! I’ll get to the point this time because I don’t have much time.

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Link: The Book Chewers: Weekly Linkup: Book Peeves

Tori’s Book Peeves:

  1. When people say the movie is better than the book.
  2. When people has only watched the movie but still criticizes the book, because they simply hate books.
  3. When people say they hate that one particular book you love and has reread it a million times and the feeling hurts your guts.
  4. When people don’t understand whats the deal about the book you’re reading.
  5. When librarians get mad at me for no reason (OK, maybe for checking out 35 books, but still.)
  6. When everyone says I need to “get a life”. (I living a million lives! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?)
  7. When people think about the movie and not the book when I say the book name.
  8. When I’m trying to collect a set of the same-styled book covers of a series, but I can’t find that particular cover for number 7.
  9. When I finally get down to the library, knowing what I want, but it’s already taken.
  10. When I can’t eat a chocolate frog or get a chocolate frog card.
  11. Wanting to buy a book, but then remembering how much book-shelf space you have left.
  12. I can’t remember THAT one character’s name.
  13. The boring twist that happens all the time.
  14. Stupid love triangles
  15. Ultra stupid main characters I can’t care less about.
  16. People ask what you are reading, but you drown them in three million different titles.
  17. Stickers on books! NOOOOOOO!!


Diaries and Why I Don’t Like Writing

Why I don’t like writing in a Diary and what my diary’s fate is now:

So here’s a big question. I just said I’m gonna write on this blog like a Diary. Now I am going to tell you why I don’t like writing in diaries, I hate it, not necessarily though, I like to exchange diaries with my friends. (And for that I buy a new notebook and quickly scribble down what has happened in the past few days. That’s how I fake my diary…) So now I will state some reasons I don’t like writing in my diary. Hope you can relate, but I bet your mom (If your just a student) WON’T hope you can relate!

Why, why, why why why and WHY?

  1. Number One: I’ve had such a GREAT day taking notes and doing worksheets in class and homework I am SO glad to write even more in my diary! NOT! Note my sarcasm! Who’d like to torture their writing hand? I’ts important!
  2. I simply like typing more, everyone does! Think about yourself! Do you prefer hand-writing a ten double-sided page document or type it out?
  3. Do I need more reasons? I can do more…since I’m not writing!