Soooo sorryyyyy I didn’t post! I mean, schools coming and I have to sleep the summer off of me, and I have nothing to write about since I’m not thinking about anything in particular. I need to think intelligent thoughts to write an interesting and intelligent post! GOSH, AND YOU THINK WRITING INTELLIGENT POSTS WERE EASY. These are probably gonna pop up, like, way more than it should, since I have school, which is filled with a lot of people who say a lot of unintelligent things, and a lot of WORK to bring HOME, which takes me a hecka long time to do, because I do everything at my own pace, which is “SUPER DUPER DUPER MEGA SUPER SLOW”. It sucks, really, I don’t actually have an interesting life, but I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible by writing lots of fiction and pretending that it happened. I will NEVER do that. Just so you all knew, I have millions of drafts that I’ve been working on but will never post, since i think it’s either stupid or I just don’t want to continue the thoughts. So, here’s a post, hope you like it, you don’t need to, I don’t spend my life trying to please people over the internet, I have a LIFE. Bye!



Sixth Grade

Hello there! I don’t think you know anything about my age and I assume you don’t know anything about my age. I’m just eleven and it’s NORMAL for me to just have finished Fifth Grade. NORMAL. Just that you know, I’m going on Sixth Grade and I’m super EXCITED. Correction: I am super bored, so I’m just looking forward to something I won’t look forward to soon. I’m never excited about growing up, for some reason, maybe I know that the new school year wouldn’t be any easier, academically and socially. It only makes it harder that I’m NOTHING close to a Social Butterfly or whatever you guys call it. I’m just NOT good at DEALING WITH PEOPLE. But there are a few things that I might want to try. Or one, since even only one change to my life can make such a DRAMATIC impact on my daily routines. (Which I really don’t have so THERE.)

Extra stuff at school:

SRC (Student Representative Council):

It’s a kind-of-new thing at school. I mean, it’s been around since I was in Fourth Grade. SRC was for High School student ONLY until like, two years ago? I don’t even know why the school let us do that stuff, maybe so that we can manage our biz easier when we grow up or something. SRC is a thing that ALL the classes from ALL the grades in Upper Primary (/Elementary) have to choose ONE person to represent the class in different events, like Sports Day, S.E.D., etc….so we won’t have 25×6 people onstage all SHOUTING whatever they want to say. Into. The. Mic. IT WOULD BE SO ABSURD! We also need them to make stuff for bulletin boards, choose Fun Day (Dress-Up days, since I attend a uniform school.) etc. I’m not THAT familiar with what they do, since I’ve never been one, but I’M DYING TO BE ONE! Seriously, I don’t even know why. So, maybe not… so no.

Green Team:

Basically they take out the trash. I don’t think I’m doing that.

B.O.B (Not the rapper which I have no idea whatsoever about him. Seriously, B.O.B in this case stands for Battle Of the Books.):

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS! O. M. G. Where do I start?! It’s SO FUN! It’s like, DA BEST THING EVA. So, what happens is, they give you a list of books to read (20-24 books.), you read like a MANIAC, and then in April/May/June we have this GIGANTIC contest with another school(s). (Citywide=Lots of Schools in your City.) I’m NOT supposed to BRAG, but then I have bragging rights, since last year, we won the other school 62000 (us) and 31000 (them) (Gr. 4-5). I don’t remember the Gr. 6-8 scores because I’m not in grades 6-8! Ha!

Sports Teams (Soccer, Basketball, Track [and Fields].):

OK, none of my business HERE, being the person who sucks the most in gym/P.E./Physical Education! But I just wanted to say that there is a SUPER awesome feast/celebration thingy at the end of the year. Pros: Great Food, awards. Cons: You have to wear fancy stuff.


OK, with a glimpse into my school life, you’ll understand that I’m gonna do nothing but Battle Of the Books, like all the other years. Now a few things I hope won’t/will happen:

  1. I hope we don’t have poetry.
  2. I hope we don’t have chemistry.
  3. I hope we don’t have gym/P.E./Physical Education/Dance Class.
  4. I hope we’re having sewing in Home Ec. (Home Ec. = Stuff we need to do at home. Like cook.)
  5. I hope we have a longer math session (because I understand it, y’all.).
  6. I hope we don’t EVER have Track and Field for gym/P.E./Physical Education EVER AGAIN.
  7. I hope we have Hockey for gym/… .
  8. I hope we don’t have novel studies ever again. People can’t keep up with my reading speed.
  9. I hope we talk more about First Nations/Aboriginal People in Social Studies. (which is a class which is kind of like history and geography mixed together.)
  10. I hope I get in the same class as Darcy and Sunny/Marcy (Same person.). *


I also hope that my sports-idiotic-ness wouldn’t SHINE through so much too. But I decided not to add that to the list because it’s just personal/embarrassing.


Anyways, I am going to abruptly end this post right here because I have nothing else to talk about. Or maybe because I don’t want to spill my secrets OR anything even more embarrassing onto this blog-place. BYE!!


P.S.: RIGHT! And I also hope that my friends will “help” me with my DARN heavy bassoon! Thank to you!


*Not their real names.

Recent Addictions.

A very simple blurb:

Awesome stuff I’m getting addicted to.

Bravest Warriors: Created by Pendleton Ward.

I wouldn’t exactly say “new”, but I didn’t start fangirling whenever a new episode comes out a year ago. I am SO excited for this fall! Gosh. A summer with Bravest Warriors is WAAAAAY more interesting and WAAAAAY less boring than your regular un-fab-dorky-kid’s summer. Like I never say, who needs ANYTHING but air and water and food (because you need those to be able to live/not be sent to mental or normal hospitals depending on how insane you are.) when you have Bravest Warriors??

Bee and Puppycat: Created by Natasha Allergri.

Even though only Part 1 is out now (Part 2 coming August 7.), I am falling IN LOVE with Bee and Puppycat.Even though not a lot happens in Part 1, it is so awesome, it’s just waaaaay awesomer than normal awesome. I’m usually not TOO keen on judging the amount of awesome in things, you CAN trust me on this. Ya. Trust me this time. PWETTY PWEASE? (Pretty Please. I hope you didn’t need to look into this.)

IISuperwomanII: Lily (I have no idea what her last name is, I am still new, deal with it.)(Youtuber)

I’m not really sure if any of you people who get bored easily would like her videos. I mean, they are hilarious (from my point of view) and her videos are totally fabulous (from my point of view).  If you get bored REALLY easily, don’t check her out, since all she does is stand there and say hilarious things, do hilarious stuff, and basically everything is hilarious. She makes new videos every Monday and Thursday… and then I forgot what I was gonna say so JUST GO AHEAD AND GIVE HER A TRY. 

The Pulp Zine: A group of awesome people, I can’t list them ‘cuz there’s a big list. (Webmag, awesome, everything, not food, so don’t eat it.)

THE PULP ZINE! It has a lot of awesome stuff like Rookie, but just a little less wordy, or a little less popular. I had no idea it existed until two days ago. It’s totally awesome, full of simply amazing photos and other stuff because I cannot tell you in a short blurb a very detailed sentence about each of the features. But I guarantee you, it’s at least 85% awesome, since I don’t know what you think, so there. 

“So Relatable” Tumblr archives:

I am SO obsessed with looking through the WHOLE archive of the Tumbleblog of “So Relatable”, which you all probably know if you’ve been on Facebook or any other social media where people constantly post random photos of really random things (Instagram? I don’t have one yet so I don’t know.). There are currently 1758 pages of So-Relatables, and I’m on 1448 and going down… (‘Cuz I’m stupid and I ain’t gonna use the “Next Page” at the bottom.)

Rookie and TPZ archives:

I’m getting obsessed with reading things from the start. This is gonna be short, since I have no idea how I’m actually gonna write more. 

Chocolate Milk:

*gulp*gulp*gulp*gulp* …Whaaa?


They’re just so PRETTY. I’m constantly looking and staring at the dreamcatcher I have and thinking, “Would it look good on a Polaroid like this?”.


PS: Sorry I haven’t posted yesterday, I spent my day sleeping and procrastinating …the whole day. If you’d excuse me, I’m going back to sleep. 

I decided to do the Daily Prompt

So. Once upon a time I decided to do the Daily Prompt on The Daily Post at This time, it’s the origin story… oooogh…….(pronouced oeewwwww, or oooooo like the “o” in “who”. I just lost all sense of words, I don’t think you even understand what that meant.) Interesting. Now allow me to tell you the DRAB and BORING story of the origin of my blog!:

One day. I was BORED.

I was BORED out of my MIND.

I was SO bored, I couldn’t even write. Or, I just had “Writer’s Block: #2”.

I read a blog. Like, the most GIGANTIC and AWESOME blog/webmag (did I just make up that word?) ever. Rookie. (I haven’t picked up “What I Wore” OR “Photography Blogger” (Or even “PostSecret” but we don’t exactly read it.) yet, OK?)

I still read it. (O-K. Quit writing like that.)

Then I said to myself, “Why don’t I start a blog, since I’m so bored and all.”.

My first blog was on Blogger, it was so boring nobody read it, and so, like a normal person, I’d go to another platform. Then I came to the world of WordPress, started this thing and basically blogged here until now. I have a few followers and I’m quite happy about it. True, I’m not the most popular blogger in the world (mostly because I blog about most nothing.), but I do get a few readers, and a few are enough….for now.


Bookish Name Meanings (Link-ups)

ANOTHER LINK UP! I am so excited I’m just gonna get to the point after the next sentence. “I hope you know about my addiction to “The Mysterious Benedict Society”!!!!!!!! (Yes, it requires so many ! s!)”

Grab button for The Book Chewers

The Book Chewers: Weekly Linkup: Bookish Name Meanings

The Meaning of “Reynard”:

Reynard means someone smart and cunning, like a fox. It fits Reynie PERFECTLY because that’s just what I’d call him if I were Mr. Curtain!

The Meaning of “Kate”:

Kate means “Pure”. That would be true if it meant “pure athlete”. Not such a fit in meaning, but it’s da perfectest one if you read it on paper. I don’t know why.

The Meaning of “George”:

George means “earth-worker”. Not entirely true if you talk about the everything in Sticky’s personality, but REALLY, ABSURDLY true if you talk about the scene where Sticky used his Google-search-like knowledge to get some kind of plant, which name I can not remember, to give everyone a stomach virus, which reason I will not tell you. (GO READ DA BOOK!)

The Meaning of “Constance”:

Constance means “steadfast”. THAT FITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL! Seriously, Constance constantly annoys people!

The Meaning of “Ledroptha Curtain”:

Ledroptha Curtain is a pun, Ledroptha Curtain, Let Drop The Curtain…. get it? I’ll say I do, but I don’t.

The Meaning of “Martina”:

Martina means “warlike”. Well she’s always ready to fight, and really, really, really, really, really mean, challenging our MBS, so I’d say it fitz!

The Meaning of “Jackson”:

Jack’s son. Jackson’s father was named Jack I think. Hmmmm….. NO FITS.

The Meaning of “Jillson”:

No meaning found. Well, I DON’T KNOW!


The Meaning of “Nicholas” (Mr. Benedict’s name):

Nicholas means “Victory of the people”. Eeeer…..Maybe in the end of the first book it fits (But it isn’t revealed in the first

I said I would if someone emailed me.

Guess what? I finally got my pics from my Book Talk project. To those of you who don’t know what a Book Talk is, it’s all about choosing a book to promote, using a Book Box (Shoe box decorated), a few items in your Book Box, and a speech to give to your classmates about the overall awesomeness of the book you are promoting.

My Box:



  • Kate’s Bucket

  • “LOSE the new code? Turn OVER for new code!”; SQ’s smartest moment:


It says “LOSE the new code? turn OVER for new code!”




It says “Attention all Executives: you canNOT leave notes like this. S.Q., this had better be gone by tonight. Stop trying to be clever. -Jackson” (Quoted from the book.)


  • Morse Code.

  • Blue Bookmarks for Mr. Curtain:


TeeHee. That’s all!


Sorry it got late, Katie, I had to deal with taking a LOT of pictures I don’t need OFF my Media Library and had a BAD time doing that. I love The Mysterious Benedict Society too! Long distance high-five ya’ll.

Book Peeves, my very own.

Another linkup! I love doing The Book Chewers Linkups! YAY! I’ll get to the point this time because I don’t have much time.

Grab button for The Book Chewers

Link: The Book Chewers: Weekly Linkup: Book Peeves

Tori’s Book Peeves:

  1. When people say the movie is better than the book.
  2. When people has only watched the movie but still criticizes the book, because they simply hate books.
  3. When people say they hate that one particular book you love and has reread it a million times and the feeling hurts your guts.
  4. When people don’t understand whats the deal about the book you’re reading.
  5. When librarians get mad at me for no reason (OK, maybe for checking out 35 books, but still.)
  6. When everyone says I need to “get a life”. (I living a million lives! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?)
  7. When people think about the movie and not the book when I say the book name.
  8. When I’m trying to collect a set of the same-styled book covers of a series, but I can’t find that particular cover for number 7.
  9. When I finally get down to the library, knowing what I want, but it’s already taken.
  10. When I can’t eat a chocolate frog or get a chocolate frog card.
  11. Wanting to buy a book, but then remembering how much book-shelf space you have left.
  12. I can’t remember THAT one character’s name.
  13. The boring twist that happens all the time.
  14. Stupid love triangles
  15. Ultra stupid main characters I can’t care less about.
  16. People ask what you are reading, but you drown them in three million different titles.
  17. Stickers on books! NOOOOOOO!!


It took me five days to write this post, it sucks but appreciate it anyways.

I’ve ignored the fact that I need to write this post, pasting my time by reading Rookie and trying our HTML. It hit me that I should’ve (It’s a word, right? Google keeps correcting it to “shoulder”. Show how much confidence I have in myself, SERIOUSLY, a Google word correction shatters my self-esteem as a writer/blogger.) written this blog post waaaaayy earlier in my life. (Not really possible…since I didn’t really even have a blog.) To tell the truth, I’d actually rather write my novel than do this post right now, not that I actually don’t want to write it, but I just don’t want to sound like a pathetic, attention-seeking freak because I’m posting miserable things to feel misery about, miserably on my miserable blog. (I am overusing “miserable”, but it is definitely NOT my favorite word, look at this blog’s TITLE if you want my favorite word.)

OK, I admit it, I’m just trying to extend the length of the section of the post where I just blab about everything that doesn’t matter.

OK, I’ll finally start (I’m doing it again, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. I SHOULD STOP BUT I’M DOING IT AGAIN, PEOPLE, HELP ME!):

I have a reason to FINALLY let myself be a pathetic and miserable (oh-no-said-it-again) person, and doing it on the judgmental World Wide Web, since I-actually-forgot-what-I-was-going-to-say-because-I-lost-my-train-of-thought. Anyways, I was gonna say that I have a friend who’s moving to America and probably never coming back, and if she does, it’s not going to be for long. (Since I’ve finally written that, I don’t think I’ll need to expand on the category of the human beings which I go to the same school with, which I did not mention as “schoolmates” or “friends*”, which obviously means I will write really bad things about them and turn into a female-dog.)(Not literally, but the word’s definition is “female-dog”. Get it?….Gooooood.)

As you can see I am trying to end this post as fast as possible, so I don’t make a mess out of this post like the last time I did it, the last-last time I did it, the last-last-last time I did it, and the last-last-last-last time I did it.

*Friends have a category called “I like these human beings a teeeeeni tineeee bit more that normal human beings.”. Those do not include my BFFs. But I just don’t call them BFFs anymore.

I’m going on VAY-CAY-SHUN again!

Hello people! I’m leaving… again, this time, I’m leaving for Spain/Portugal on the 14th! Coming back 24th anyways. I’ll make sure that I get around to posting the pictures here… even if I have to post 57 of them or something. I took 189 on the trip…. that would be double that number on my second trip… because, well, 10 is the double of 5. Japan was so GORGEOUS!

P.S.: Vay-cay-shun is the exaggerated way of saying “vacation” for me.