My Little (Don’t get fooled, it’s really big and gigantic and enormous and ginormous…) Impossible List

Hi! I’m back! For 5 days! I’m doing this link-up from The Book Chewers today! I know I’m supposed to show you guys pictures of places some of you’ve been before, and seen before, and taken pictures before, and seen so many times it gets really boring, but I’m still posting them……..LATER! I’m just procrastinating from choosing the photos for a bit, since I have about 180 of them, and most I don’t need…. I have lots of work to do. (And I hate work.)


Here’s the button:

Grab the real one on the website!

Anyways, here’s my list:

1. Become a cat and join the Clans.

2. Send someone an Earwax flavored bean.

3. Find a garden like Mary Lenox’s.

4. Become Nicholas Benedict’s assistant.

5. Help the Mysterious Benedict Society hold Mr. Curtain back.

6. Morph into something awesome.

7. Eat Blue M&Ms.

8. Fly on a broom.

9. Collect the Chocolate Frog cards.

10. Win an argument with Constance Contraire.


That’s all! Or the most important parts of the list that I can think of… it’s just, shortened.


Letters to Narnia

Hey peeps! Putting away my awesome Tuesday play date post for a bit first, I’m gonna write a letter to Lucy from Narnia! It’s kind of like a challenge from The Book Chewers, so this is what I’ll be doing, just so you guys know. Below is a picture of the picture of the button they made, it looks epic! I’ll try to find a way to add this button to my blog, but don’t scream at me via blog posts if I fail!


Go to their website for the actual button!

Anyways, here’s my letter:

Dear Lucy,

I have always wanted to write this letter but had no motivation (Insert chuckle). I am an “Anonymous” blogger nicknamed Tori because I don’t really want my real name out. Anyways, you have always been one of the most curious characters I’ve ever read about, seriously, dead-seriously. I don’t have much time to fool around on the World Wide Webs, so I’ll just get to my questions. The question I have for you today is; Why did you walk so far back into the wardrobe? I mean, really, you could have just stayed just at the entrance! OK, anyways, I’d also like to ask if you like books, I hope you do. I’ll never talk to you via letter OR thought if you say no, I don’t think you’d like to talk to the most sarcastic, stuck-up freak anyways… byeee!



I hate my letter’s ending. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT! Oops! Overreaction, but I am a sarcastic, stuck-up freak *insert proud smile*!