You all know I LOVE books. I adore them, I love them, I treasure them, I read them OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THAT’S THEIR MAIN PURPOSE RIGHT? AMIRITE? So here is mah link-up: (I know I could’ve written something less lame, but I’m feeling tired today.)

I learned how to put da button!


  • On my bed. Curled up so the cold won’t come in. It’s really hard.
  • Sittin’ in mah’ chair. Like this too!
  • Sitting upright because that’s the only way you can sit in the school library. (I’ve grown too used to it anyways.)


  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • YA fiction (REALLY VAGUE. I KNOW.)
  • Dystopian
  • Mystery/Adventure (I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED!!)


  • Super-Crunchy Seaweed
  • Potato Chips
  • Pudding
  • Bread, the really soft kind with crunchy sides (I actually eat the first and last slices first…SOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!)

That’s pretty much everything. Byee!



Bookish Name Meanings (Link-ups)

ANOTHER LINK UP! I am so excited I’m just gonna get to the point after the next sentence. “I hope you know about my addiction to “The Mysterious Benedict Society”!!!!!!!! (Yes, it requires so many ! s!)”

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The Book Chewers: Weekly Linkup: Bookish Name Meanings

The Meaning of “Reynard”:

Reynard means someone smart and cunning, like a fox. It fits Reynie PERFECTLY because that’s just what I’d call him if I were Mr. Curtain!

The Meaning of “Kate”:

Kate means “Pure”. That would be true if it meant “pure athlete”. Not such a fit in meaning, but it’s da perfectest one if you read it on paper. I don’t know why.

The Meaning of “George”:

George means “earth-worker”. Not entirely true if you talk about the everything in Sticky’s personality, but REALLY, ABSURDLY true if you talk about the scene where Sticky used his Google-search-like knowledge to get some kind of plant, which name I can not remember, to give everyone a stomach virus, which reason I will not tell you. (GO READ DA BOOK!)

The Meaning of “Constance”:

Constance means “steadfast”. THAT FITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL! Seriously, Constance constantly annoys people!

The Meaning of “Ledroptha Curtain”:

Ledroptha Curtain is a pun, Ledroptha Curtain, Let Drop The Curtain…. get it? I’ll say I do, but I don’t.

The Meaning of “Martina”:

Martina means “warlike”. Well she’s always ready to fight, and really, really, really, really, really mean, challenging our MBS, so I’d say it fitz!

The Meaning of “Jackson”:

Jack’s son. Jackson’s father was named Jack I think. Hmmmm….. NO FITS.

The Meaning of “Jillson”:

No meaning found. Well, I DON’T KNOW!


The Meaning of “Nicholas” (Mr. Benedict’s name):

Nicholas means “Victory of the people”. Eeeer…..Maybe in the end of the first book it fits (But it isn’t revealed in the first

Book Peeves, my very own.

Another linkup! I love doing The Book Chewers Linkups! YAY! I’ll get to the point this time because I don’t have much time.

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Link: The Book Chewers: Weekly Linkup: Book Peeves

Tori’s Book Peeves:

  1. When people say the movie is better than the book.
  2. When people has only watched the movie but still criticizes the book, because they simply hate books.
  3. When people say they hate that one particular book you love and has reread it a million times and the feeling hurts your guts.
  4. When people don’t understand whats the deal about the book you’re reading.
  5. When librarians get mad at me for no reason (OK, maybe for checking out 35 books, but still.)
  6. When everyone says I need to “get a life”. (I living a million lives! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?)
  7. When people think about the movie and not the book when I say the book name.
  8. When I’m trying to collect a set of the same-styled book covers of a series, but I can’t find that particular cover for number 7.
  9. When I finally get down to the library, knowing what I want, but it’s already taken.
  10. When I can’t eat a chocolate frog or get a chocolate frog card.
  11. Wanting to buy a book, but then remembering how much book-shelf space you have left.
  12. I can’t remember THAT one character’s name.
  13. The boring twist that happens all the time.
  14. Stupid love triangles
  15. Ultra stupid main characters I can’t care less about.
  16. People ask what you are reading, but you drown them in three million different titles.
  17. Stickers on books! NOOOOOOO!!