Letters to Narnia

Hey peeps! Putting away my awesome Tuesday play date post for a bit first, I’m gonna write a letter to Lucy from Narnia! It’s kind of like a challenge from The Book Chewers, so this is what I’ll be doing, just so you guys know. Below is a picture of the picture of the button they made, it looks epic! I’ll try to find a way to add this button to my blog, but don’t scream at me via blog posts if I fail!


Go to their website for the actual button!

Anyways, here’s my letter:

Dear Lucy,

I have always wanted to write this letter but had no motivation (Insert chuckle). I am an “Anonymous” blogger nicknamed Tori because I don’t really want my real name out. Anyways, you have always been one of the most curious characters I’ve ever read about, seriously, dead-seriously. I don’t have much time to fool around on the World Wide Webs, so I’ll just get to my questions. The question I have for you today is; Why did you walk so far back into the wardrobe? I mean, really, you could have just stayed just at the entrance! OK, anyways, I’d also like to ask if you like books, I hope you do. I’ll never talk to you via letter OR thought if you say no, I don’t think you’d like to talk to the most sarcastic, stuck-up freak anyways… byeee!



I hate my letter’s ending. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT! Oops! Overreaction, but I am a sarcastic, stuck-up freak *insert proud smile*!