Bookish Name Meanings (Link-ups)

ANOTHER LINK UP! I am so excited I’m just gonna get to the point after the next sentence. “I hope you know about my addiction to “The Mysterious Benedict Society”!!!!!!!! (Yes, it requires so many ! s!)”

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The Meaning of “Reynard”:

Reynard means someone smart and cunning, like a fox. It fits Reynie PERFECTLY because that’s just what I’d call him if I were Mr. Curtain!

The Meaning of “Kate”:

Kate means “Pure”. That would be true if it meant “pure athlete”. Not such a fit in meaning, but it’s da perfectest one if you read it on paper. I don’t know why.

The Meaning of “George”:

George means “earth-worker”. Not entirely true if you talk about the everything in Sticky’s personality, but REALLY, ABSURDLY true if you talk about the scene where Sticky used his Google-search-like knowledge to get some kind of plant, which name I can not remember, to give everyone a stomach virus, which reason I will not tell you. (GO READ DA BOOK!)

The Meaning of “Constance”:

Constance means “steadfast”. THAT FITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL! Seriously, Constance constantly annoys people!

The Meaning of “Ledroptha Curtain”:

Ledroptha Curtain is a pun, Ledroptha Curtain, Let Drop The Curtain…. get it? I’ll say I do, but I don’t.

The Meaning of “Martina”:

Martina means “warlike”. Well she’s always ready to fight, and really, really, really, really, really mean, challenging our MBS, so I’d say it fitz!

The Meaning of “Jackson”:

Jack’s son. Jackson’s father was named Jack I think. Hmmmm….. NO FITS.

The Meaning of “Jillson”:

No meaning found. Well, I DON’T KNOW!


The Meaning of “Nicholas” (Mr. Benedict’s name):

Nicholas means “Victory of the people”. Eeeer…..Maybe in the end of the first book it fits (But it isn’t revealed in the first


I said I would if someone emailed me.

Guess what? I finally got my pics from my Book Talk project. To those of you who don’t know what a Book Talk is, it’s all about choosing a book to promote, using a Book Box (Shoe box decorated), a few items in your Book Box, and a speech to give to your classmates about the overall awesomeness of the book you are promoting.

My Box:



  • Kate’s Bucket

  • “LOSE the new code? Turn OVER for new code!”; SQ’s smartest moment:


It says “LOSE the new code? turn OVER for new code!”




It says “Attention all Executives: you canNOT leave notes like this. S.Q., this had better be gone by tonight. Stop trying to be clever. -Jackson” (Quoted from the book.)


  • Morse Code.

  • Blue Bookmarks for Mr. Curtain:


TeeHee. That’s all!


Sorry it got late, Katie, I had to deal with taking a LOT of pictures I don’t need OFF my Media Library and had a BAD time doing that. I love The Mysterious Benedict Society too! Long distance high-five ya’ll.